Julia Nora Vatter Technical Theatre Fund

February 27, 1991 - July 25, 2009


Julia Nora Vatter’s passion was the theatre. When Julia was nine years old she joined the Bay Street Players’ Young People’s Theatre. She was extremely active in all the main stage productions from fourth grade through her graduation from Eustis High School in 2009, and Julia proved herself an integral part of both the volunteer and production teams. She stage-managed, worked fly loft, spotlight, and all things technical to make the shows professional and successful. She was always the first one to “pitch in” with offers to help and provide support, expertise, and affection to everyone. Julia was the recipient of multiple BSP volunteer and academic awards over the years. A new annual award has been established called the Julia Nora Vatter Technical Theatre Award in honor of Julia. At the time of her passing, her family requested donations be made to Bay Street Players. The Julia Nora Vatter Technical Theatre Fund was established expressly to support ongoing technical needs at BSP. While her spirit continues to inspire, the myriad of friends she leaves behind will love and miss her.

On March 14, 2020, the Theatre will present the first edition of Play Your Part, an annual benefit dinner and performance supporting the operational needs of the Theatre. 100% of proceed from Play Your Part will benefit the Julia Nora Vatter Technical Theatre fund, which supports the ongoing technical needs of the Theatre—often the most costly operational expenses.

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